Tipsy Tea: A lazy Sunday evening at the pub

Posted on November 20, 2017 by Admin under Uncategorized

Its not often, on a cold and wet Sunday evening, that I stray from the home comforts of warm slippers,  a good film and a relaxing brew but this Sunday was different. Having been invited to Stephen Collishaw’s (Noir Press) launch of Shtetl Love Song by renowned Lithuanian writer Grigory Kanovich (see corresponding blog) I found myself at a loose end after the event. Determined to ‘go with the flow’ and resist the urge to hibernate a call from a good friend didn’t take long to convince me to head out to Mapperly Top, Nottingham to a fairly new (about a year old)  gin bar called Tipsy Tea. Expecting a sedate couple of beers (they sell that too) to fuel putting the world to rights I was pleasantly surprised to find this small bar bristling with  music, laughter and warm welcoming staff. The music supplied by a live three piece was entertaining as were the owners, bar staff and patrons of the bar. Highly entertaining and definitely worth a regular visit Tipsy Tea stands out in the area as a bar that would appeal to all who want a break from the raucous or loud or too quite or beer soaked carpet type bars that are also within walking distance. A great find.