Hockley Hustle 2017

Posted on October 9, 2017 by Admin under Music

What ! 300 acts dispersed over 30 stages, 27 venues  all supporting 6 nottingham-esq charities compressed into sunday 8th October 2017… Nottingham what have you done?! Short answer is played a blinder !

This annual music event, covering a boggling array of musical genres took over the Hockley area of the town centre and flooded it with enough sounds, sights, aromas and tastes to provide those who attended  a highly enjoyable  smorgasbord of music, food and art entertainment.

From 1pm until the early hours of the night these 300 acts played their hearts out to a surprisingly diverse collection of enthusiastic people who ebbed and flowed from venue to venue in order to  catch the acts that appealed to them the most.

I, like many I suspect,  planned their route meticulously in advance but quickly discarded most of it as acts previously unknown shone and captivated.   The acts that I did see are shown below – each accomplished and entertaining each dedicated and talented.

So many highlights so many good people met on the way.

However if there was one act (Sixty four in this case!) that, for me, were exceptional in delivery, quality and sheer enjoyment it had to be Ian Burton’s  60 piece UFO orchestra in conjunction particularly with Cecille Grey, Aurelie Guinard and the soon to be legendary Rob Green.

A fantastic collaboration that really bought something special to The Contemporary and to the Hockley Hustle event as a whole.

Please see the link above for snippets of  these excellent performances.

Congratulations to everyone who performed. Great work.