Flamenco: Nottingham

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Weekends come and weekends go. What makes them memorable are the people you meet, the experiences had and the memories made. Saturday 20th July 2019 will go down as a good weekend made excellent. The New Art Exchange, Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham, home to o Nottingham-based Amity, hosted the magnificent Flamenco dance talent of Rebeca Ortega. Amity, a community organisation dedicated to encouraging everyone to engage with the arts, served up a remarkable day of fun and joy for all those fortunate enough to snag one of the places at this ‘sold out’ event. Midday began with a free flamenco workshop. Well over an hour of guidance and tutor-ledge in the the art of this expressive and engaging dance medium. Those who participated, energized by the experience, were then, after a much needed time out, treated to the pinnacle event of the afternoon. Rebeca Ortega joined by  Martin Revuelo Jr on spanish guitar and highly accomplished flamenco dancer Josie Sinnadurai delivered a stunning, inspiring and truly excellent flamenco performance. Over an hour of dance and music of the highest calibre, honed on the streets and theaters of Seville, truly delivered something special. At times I got lost in the performance, often preferring to put down my camera and just drink in the emotion and power of the performance. This, without a doubt, ranks as one of the best dance performances I have ever seen.

Rebeca, Josie and Martin

Josie Sinnadurai

Rebeca Ortega

Rebeca Ortega

The end of the performance was greeted by a standing ovation and the artists, clearly moved by the experience, stayed and met and conversed with those who just didnt want to leave.

All in all an absolutely stunning event made even more remarkable by the organisation and professionalism of Amity and by the fact that the whole event was free!

When Rebeca Ortega returns to Nottingham no price would be too much to experience this again.

As always more pictures to follow (-: