OneBCClothing: Book Launch -Rasa Askinyteas’s ‘The Easiest’

Posted on May 21, 2017 by Admin under Fashion

Yet again Nottingham proves itself to be a hive of activity, creativity and just good people. Attracted by the buzz of a crowd and wonderful music emanating from 9 Gedling Street I happened upon the Snention Market’s  OneBCClothing  (www.one-bc.com) and the event that they were hosting. The event was a book launch- The Easiest hosted by Noir Press and OneBCClothing. What made this event so special was the warmth of the hosts and the intriguing nature of the launch. Tony Brack & Reeta Bhopal Brack, the proprietors of One BC Clothing were amazing-  to spend time with me- a stranger who just walked in off the street- and take the time to converse for more than half an hour during their busy launch event was special-… and their story! Our chat only touched the surface. Needless to say I’ll be popping back, with camera in hand, to try and capture some of what was a fascinating perspective on Nottingham Fashion and the journey that these two are embarked upon to join the country’s fashion elite.

But back to the book launch:- Noir Press ” a Nottingham boutique publishing house dedicated to publishing high quality literary translation with a focus on young, interesting Lithuanian writers.” was as intriguing as the quotes elegantly read  from  Rasa Askinyteas’s ‘The Easiest’.

Please visit their Facebook site for more information- you’ll be glad you did.

All in all this was an excellent event- full of interesting, quality people – a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon

Oh I almost forgot – below are the few impromptu photos I managed to take of the representatives of Noir Press and the band Ventiduo that  sang at the launch – I hope you enjoy them.