Flamenco: Nottingham

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Weekends come and weekends go. What makes them memorable are the people you meet, the experiences had and the memories made. Saturday 20th July 2019 will go down as a good weekend made excellent. The New Art Exchange, Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham, home to o Nottingham-based Amity, hosted the magnificent Flamenco dance talent of Rebeca Ortega. Amity, a community organisation dedicated to encouraging everyone to engage with the arts, served up a remarkable day of fun and joy for all those fortunate enough to snag one of the places at this ‘sold out’ event. Midday began with a free flamenco workshop. Well over an hour of guidance and tutor-ledge in the the art of this expressive and engaging dance medium. Those who participated, energized by the experience, were then, after a much needed time out, treated to the pinnacle event of the afternoon. Rebeca Ortega joined by  Martin Revuelo Jr on spanish guitar and highly accomplished flamenco dancer Josie Sinnadurai delivered a stunning, inspiring and truly excellent flamenco performance. Over an hour of dance and music of the highest calibre, honed on the streets and theaters of Seville, truly delivered something special. At times I got lost in the performance, often preferring to put down my camera and just drink in the emotion and power of the performance. This, without a doubt, ranks as one of the best dance performances I have ever seen.

Rebeca, Josie and Martin

Josie Sinnadurai

Rebeca Ortega

Rebeca Ortega

The end of the performance was greeted by a standing ovation and the artists, clearly moved by the experience, stayed and met and conversed with those who just didnt want to leave.

All in all an absolutely stunning event made even more remarkable by the organisation and professionalism of Amity and by the fact that the whole event was free!

When Rebeca Ortega returns to Nottingham no price would be too much to experience this again.

As always more pictures to follow (-:

Hockley Hustle 2018

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Another excellent event. The UFO orchestra and their supporting guests is quickly becoming the pinnacle event of the 30 venue 300 act extravaganza that is Nottingham’s Hockley Hustle

Hosted for the first time at Metronome the UFO  orchestra and their guests excelled at creating a vibrant and well received melody of tunes that stirred the assembled to rapturous applause and  appreciation.

Such was the popularity of this event though that I fear that UFO has already, unfortunately outgrown this excellent venue.   Hockley Hustle 2019 needs a larger venue to accommodate this 60 piece orchestra, its guest singers and the increasing numbers of fans.

A very small snippet of the quality of the music played is shown below.

UFO + Rob Green.

UFO + Natalie Duncan

Stephen Collishaw’s (Noir Press) Shtetl Love Song book launch

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Sunday 20th November 2017 was the date. Jam Cafe, Nottingham was the venue. Noir Press were the hosts and Shtetl Love Song by Grigory  Kanovich was the autobiographical  book.  A social gathering of Lithuanians, families, musicians, readers and the interested made a fine and enjoyable book launch event. Hosted by the owner of Noir Press, Stephen Collishaw, the event was a popular and busy affair. Filled with live music and select readings from the novel; the gathering were entertained and thought provoked by the  imagery Grigory Kanovich’s written words conjured forth. A packed out, highly enjoyable and successful event. Please see Noir Press’s facebook page for further details.


Tipsy Tea: A lazy Sunday evening at the pub

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Its not often, on a cold and wet Sunday evening, that I stray from the home comforts of warm slippers,  a good film and a relaxing brew but this Sunday was different. Having been invited to Stephen Collishaw’s (Noir Press) launch of Shtetl Love Song by renowned Lithuanian writer Grigory Kanovich (see corresponding blog) I found myself at a loose end after the event. Determined to ‘go with the flow’ and resist the urge to hibernate a call from a good friend didn’t take long to convince me to head out to Mapperly Top, Nottingham to a fairly new (about a year old)  gin bar called Tipsy Tea. Expecting a sedate couple of beers (they sell that too) to fuel putting the world to rights I was pleasantly surprised to find this small bar bristling with  music, laughter and warm welcoming staff. The music supplied by a live three piece was entertaining as were the owners, bar staff and patrons of the bar. Highly entertaining and definitely worth a regular visit Tipsy Tea stands out in the area as a bar that would appeal to all who want a break from the raucous or loud or too quite or beer soaked carpet type bars that are also within walking distance. A great find.


Hockley Hustle 2017

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What ! 300 acts dispersed over 30 stages, 27 venues  all supporting 6 nottingham-esq charities compressed into sunday 8th October 2017… Nottingham what have you done?! Short answer is played a blinder !

This annual music event, covering a boggling array of musical genres took over the Hockley area of the town centre and flooded it with enough sounds, sights, aromas and tastes to provide those who attended  a highly enjoyable  smorgasbord of music, food and art entertainment.

From 1pm until the early hours of the night these 300 acts played their hearts out to a surprisingly diverse collection of enthusiastic people who ebbed and flowed from venue to venue in order to  catch the acts that appealed to them the most.

I, like many I suspect,  planned their route meticulously in advance but quickly discarded most of it as acts previously unknown shone and captivated.   The acts that I did see are shown below – each accomplished and entertaining each dedicated and talented.

So many highlights so many good people met on the way.

However if there was one act (Sixty four in this case!) that, for me, were exceptional in delivery, quality and sheer enjoyment it had to be Ian Burton’s  60 piece UFO orchestra in conjunction particularly with Cecille Grey, Aurelie Guinard and the soon to be legendary Rob Green.

A fantastic collaboration that really bought something special to The Contemporary and to the Hockley Hustle event as a whole.

Please see the link above for snippets of  these excellent performances.

Congratulations to everyone who performed. Great work.




Pasarela Larios 2017: Fashion

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www.PureAndCreative.com – the Peoples’ Haute Couture and Art Photography website proudly presents Malaga’s  Pasarela  Larios – a truly inspiring event.

Every year the city of Malaga Spain, Pablo Picasso’s  birthplace, builds upon its creative heritage by hosting a true ‘peoples’ haute couture ‘ fashion event.

Designers from across Spain and Europe wow the crowds with what must be the worlds longest, free catwalk event (surely?). The Marques de Larios street in Malaga’s historic centre is transformed into a stunning, exciting platform for the very latest fashions straight from some of the most exciting design powerhouses Europe has to offer. This week long event culminates into a two night (Friday & Saturday)  fashion extravagance where the talented, joyous and beautiful mix with fashion’s famous elite.  With only one night to go I’ve already earmarked this stunning event for a return visit. Book yourselves in !

Follow this link for a list of designers in attendance.

Follow this link for some of the stunning photographs  that capture the elegance that is Pasarela Larios

NTU Catwalk 2017- Degree Fashion Design and Knitware

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NTU: Catwalk- Knitware and Fashion.

Another year has past bringing forth the next wave of wide eyed and eager Nottingham Trent University (NTU) design students ready to  spin and weave and craft and make their mark in this world of fashion. The showcase for their passions- NTU Catwalk: BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Knitware Catwalks. These events, expertly co-ordinated and managed by Maggie Burnett and her team and peers was, as always, a hive of emotion, joy and pride. Over 80 students, over a two day period, got the opportunity to express their imaginations through the medium of yarn and thread to industry, academia, family, friends and the general public and they triumphed wonderfully. Aided by an array of confident and vibrant models each garment flowed in perfect sync to the back beat of evocative music and the applause of the assembled. Congratulations to all.

Note: Its always good to take a step back and be more objective but such was the atmosphere of this event that that became hard to do – It was far easier to be swept along . I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all and the event itself.

As something different book yourself in next year.

A selection of my favourite designs, photographed at the event, can be found via the link below


PureAndCreative.com event score 8/10

Content: 8
Atmosphere: 8
Friendliness: 8
Facilities: 8
Enjoyability: 8
Creativity: 8
Total PAC Score: 8

Suggestion:      Bottled water in welcome pack.


OneBCClothing: Book Launch -Rasa Askinyteas’s ‘The Easiest’

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Yet again Nottingham proves itself to be a hive of activity, creativity and just good people. Attracted by the buzz of a crowd and wonderful music emanating from 9 Gedling Street I happened upon the Snention Market’s  OneBCClothing  (www.one-bc.com) and the event that they were hosting. The event was a book launch- The Easiest hosted by Noir Press and OneBCClothing. What made this event so special was the warmth of the hosts and the intriguing nature of the launch. Tony Brack & Reeta Bhopal Brack, the proprietors of One BC Clothing were amazing-  to spend time with me- a stranger who just walked in off the street- and take the time to converse for more than half an hour during their busy launch event was special-… and their story! Our chat only touched the surface. Needless to say I’ll be popping back, with camera in hand, to try and capture some of what was a fascinating perspective on Nottingham Fashion and the journey that these two are embarked upon to join the country’s fashion elite.

But back to the book launch:- Noir Press ” a Nottingham boutique publishing house dedicated to publishing high quality literary translation with a focus on young, interesting Lithuanian writers.” was as intriguing as the quotes elegantly read  from  Rasa Askinyteas’s ‘The Easiest’.

Please visit their Facebook site for more information- you’ll be glad you did.

All in all this was an excellent event- full of interesting, quality people – a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon

Oh I almost forgot – below are the few impromptu photos I managed to take of the representatives of Noir Press and the band Ventiduo that  sang at the launch – I hope you enjoy them.



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